About Us

Kapiti Nursery Ltd – Wholesale Nursery on the Kapiti Coast

Kapiti Nursery Ltd is the newest and most innovative nursery in the Wellington region. We are a family owned and operated business, conveniently located 40 minutes north of Wellington. We specialise in native New Zealand plants grown to the highest of standards and quality at very competitive prices. We currently have 140 plant species in stock but have access to thousands of species. If we don’t have a plant you require - please ask and we will do our best to source it for you.

90% of our plants are sourced from the Wellington region which ensures they are already well used to the Kapiti / Wellington climate and growing conditions, making sure they are well hardened off at time of sale and will happily grow in your garden. All our plants are propagated and/or grown on at the nursery.

Though our main focus is native plants we also have some ornamental to ensure all our customers’ needs are met.

Come and discuss your gardening requirements with our experienced and helpful staff, or we can come to you.  We offer a planning, landscaping and planting service.  In effect we are your one stop shop for all of your gardening and landscaping requirements.

We have also introduced a maintenance service as well.  Too busy to keep your garden looking its best - come and see us.  Together we can work out a suitable maintenance programme for your property.

Lifestyle blocks are our speciality, we have eco-sourced plants approved by the Kapiti Coast District Council for planting in the Wellington/Horowhenua area.  We are able to take advanced orders for revegetation, and can also plant out for you.

We have recently sourced Manuka propagated from seed from the best locations in New Zealand for producing high UMF rating honey, for perfect and profitable honey making.

Our opening hours are Monday - Saturday 8am - 4pm and Sunday 9am - 2pm, we are situated at 140 Otaihanga Road, Kapiti - take the SH1 turnoff at Southwards Car Museum and we are one kilometre up the road on the left - look for our logo.

We are on call 24 / 7 just phone 04 298 7178 or 0275146848 ( Gary )

  • One of our experienced employees spot watering our Fatsia Japonica

    My great, great, great grand mother was one of the few Moriori to survive the Maori invasion. She was taken by a sea captain to Tauranga where she had 12 children and past on at the great age of 34. We thought it would be fitting to dedicate our tribal native range of plants to her. Our design is based on the Kopi tree carvings of the Chatham Islands.


    Kapiti Nursery aimed to be totally self reliant for water right from the start. Being aware of just how precious our water is here in Kapiti. This was a major concern for us as we knew that for the nursery to be successful we would require a lot of water.

    Here in New Zealand we still take our water for granted, so we had to get a lot of our information from across the ditch and then add a bit of kiwi ingenuity to the process.

    Our goals were to not use town water supply or bore water, just rain, can it be done?? Yes it can and we are doing it.

    We are one of the only nursery's in New Zealand to be this water smart and from the results we have already seen we are confident that we could work though an extended drought. We hope by doing this that more will follow and we would be more than happy to share our information and experiences.


    How do you pick what plants to grow?

    We wanted to keep our range to under 200, but have good numbers of each and lots of good useful information for our customers. We have put together a very informative web site that you can also purchase our plants from. Or make an appointment and come and have a look around the nursery for yourself.

    With the help of Ben Hoyle who put together a landscape development plan for us for around the nursery and Annie’s Gardens who developed our driveway and gave us a great list of Kapiti friendly plants. Not to mention hours of studying the latest land scape design concepts we now have 150 out of our 200 goal.

    We have a plant for all situations whether a bog, dry sand hill, exposed hilltop, rock garden, lifestyle block, or between a couple of granny flats. And the nice thing is 90% of our plants are NZ native.

  • The sump that all the drains lead to, our collected rain water then gets pumped back to the tanks
  • The growing beds being laid out, they had to be perfect to allow the rain water to run through them into the drains
  • Three 25000 L tanks being installed just to get us started
  • Lots of work went into drainage and underground pipe work
  • All water tight and ready for the weed mat and some shade cloth
  • The work starts having just finished moving seven and a half thousand meters of sand hill
  • What about the soil!!! Better get the best you can buy!!
  • Now for the plants and lots of them